The Green Team

This game has been a part of our lives here in Texas for about 15 years. Had we stayed in California, we would have been different sports parents, I am sure. This is not a dig against my home state, there is a rich sports culture in California but when it comes to football involvement, Texas is on another level.

We started a football and cheer organization for our community and we grew pretty big, pretty fast. This created a situation where we had more kids than coaches. I had to take on the role of head coach for Ryder’s 5th grade team, in addition to my duties as an officer of the organization. I was not qualified to be a head coach, which goes against everything I tell potential head coaches. I played three years of football in high school. Jared’s youth team head coach included me in all the film study and strategy for his team and I learned much. Our high school head coach held coaches’ learning camps for our organization. I was an assistant coach on Ryder’s previous two seasons. I had great help with a wonderful crew of friends as assistant coaches. In reality, I was more qualified than most. I did not feel that way, however.

What I felt was a constant agony and fear that I would let these boys down. I spent many sleepless nights, in prayer, asking God not to let me screw this up. I did not care so much about our record, I am competitive but I am also realistic. I wanted to develop and foster a knowledge and love of the game these kids can take on to the next level. I wanted them to have fun but also to tough out adversity when it befell them and it would fall on them. I wanted them to think of their time on this team as one they will cherish and remember.

Here we are 7 years later and those little boys are now seniors in high school. Many kids have gone other directions, including my own son, and that is perfectly ok. I have respect for all those seeking their own paths and sometimes that path is not football or even sports. I am proud of the young men they have become, showing character, integrity, and grit.

So to the little boys of the CPYFA Green team, Dylan Rodgers, Cole Valiente, Colby “Big Country” Norwat, Kingston Parker, Connor Mason, Logan Flores, Brock Foster, Garrett Gazlay, Grayson Deal, Brendan Payne, Drew Foster, and Houston Molinaro, who will be playing their first varsity game as seniors this Friday, I say, “Thank you”. Those times as your coach were some of the best of my life and I will cherish them greatly! I hope someday you will share the same experiences with a team of your own, as head coach.

Now go out there and lay the wood!

Coach John

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