Riding a bike to school

I write a lot about my children and now is no different. So my wife and I are struggling to get our kids to school because both of us now leave the house at least an hour before school starts. Schools no longer do the breakfast thing, like they used to back in the day, so we can’t just pawn them off there. We could drop them off but then some bleeding heart would call CPS about a 10 year old sitting outside, alone in the dark, an hour and a half before school starts. Personally I think it would be a perfect opportunity for him to hone his “Stranger Danger” skills but what do I know.

So we figured out how to get the youngest to school without the risk of being charged with child endangerment. We will impose on his Godparents, our best friends, and show our appreciation with alcohol. Problem solved.

The real issue is with my 14 year old. How can he get to school 1.5 miles away by 8:50AM in broad daylight? You are probably wondering. “John how on Earth can that boy find the means to safely get to school on time, without being driven by an adult? It’s impossible!” Does an alternative mode of transportation even exist?

It turns out one does exist. It’s this thing called a bicycle. Apparently this mode of transportation was invented years ago and I think I even used it as a kid once but the minute you become a parent, nowadays, you quickly deem them much too dangerous to put into practical application.

I know what you are thinking. “You horrible parents, how will he be able to text his friends on his IPhone while listening to the latest DubStep drops if he is riding a bicycle? I hope you got him a Bluetooth earpiece”. I know. I feel horrible and I thought I was the worst dad in the world. It will totally ruin his 5 minute drive to school if he cannot be entertained on the way.

I have to admit we really struggled with him taking his bike to school and I am the first person to criticize anyone who entitles their children. He actually did not have a problem with it. Good boy.

Speaking of entitled, my parents bought me a Kuwahara BMX bike in the 8th grade and I rode that thing to my middle school most of the time. I’m surprised I did not get it stolen but I have to be honest my mom also drove me too. Believe me the trip to my son’s school is much safer than the trip to my old school but my parents were not unloving, horrible people. We always walked home too and encountered some strange, even scary events (Sorry Rick Pierson, wherever you are), I freak out over sometimes thinking my son would encounter the same.

Maybe they need it to grow up. I get that we as parents learn from the mistakes of our own parents and swear we would never repeat them with our children. However, when did we decide, as a generation, that our children were any less capable than we were to enjoy life like we did? Maybe our parents’ mistakes were really not mistakes after all but life lessons or, even better, life experiences.

Oh well. By the way I am picking him up after school and putting the bike in the back of the car. I am not fully vested yet. Baby steps.

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