On the Clock

Posted on June 18, 2015 by jklucero / 0 Comment

I dropped off my son early this morning at the CPHS Fieldhouse for his first day of Strength and Conditioning. As I am driving him to the school I thought about all the past early mornings in the last year. I thought about all the pre-dawn practices he had to endure and the workouts that taxed his strength and sometimes his will. Every day since February has been “Two-a-days” for him, morning football then afternoon workouts and somehow having to maintain an “A” GPA in school. I’ve seen the fatigue on his face and the pain in his body but not a word from his mouth as he readied himself every morning. I once asked him, “Are you doing this for you or for us?”, “If you are doing it for us then quit right now and find something you love.” He looked at me like I was an idiot.


I drove up to the green building, adorned with images of prior seasons’ greats, and I saw them walking from all directions, migrating to that same place. Some were dropped off, like my son, by moms and dads. Some walked alone and some drove themselves but however they got there, they each had the same story to tell as my son. They too got up before dawn, weary and drained, day after day. They too had their trials and hurdles yet here they are.

In the silence of this morning and that hereafter, this place is where they will make their mark but let there be no mistake, although a word was not muttered they were saying something louder than any amplifier or bull horn could project. It was a collective voice of will and it resonated throughout those halls, as they have done years before, with the fall of every footstep. We will carry on. We will not falter. We will be great. We are on the clock!

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