Love of the game

Posted on August 7, 2017

We watched “Friday Night Lights” and “When the game stands tall” last night. My oldest watched the latter with us. I was in a football movie mood, I guess and watching it with my son was a nice treat. (BTW he was not impressed and believes Cedar Park could beat both DLS and LB Poly). My oldest does not watch football and is not a fan of the game like his little brother. Don’t get me wrong he knows players and such but watching football will never be his preferred pastime unless it’s a social event.

His relationship to the game is different, he is a seasoned veteran of actual play. I would bet he has logged more downs in his 17 years than most friends of mine on FB have in their entire lifetime. I sat in silent awe watching him deconstruct the offense and point out the failures of the defense. “That reverse would never have been successful had the outside linebacker stayed put and contained.” “ He can’t get turned out like that”. Where was the safety on that play?” This behavior during any other type of movie would be annoying but I sat listening like a student on the first day of class, and I was a football coach for 5 years.

He has coached his little brother as well on the complexities of playing defense and it is complex, believe me. Listening to my two middle linebackers discussing the position and how it’s played here was an amazement to me.

Ryder- “Jared what am I supposed to do on ‘Buzz’, last year I was supposed to do xyz”

Jared – “Yeah last year you were but it has changed and you now have to watch this position and that position and do this if this position does that”

Ryder – Oh, got it.

My son never fails to surprise me. Just when I think he has become burnt out, indifferent, or even cynical he’ll say something or do something that tells me he embraces everything taught to him and this is his game, his pride, his love.

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