I have always believed we will live forever. I refuse to believe we are nothing but the hollow result of a series of great coincidences and fortunate events. I cannot fathom that the meaning of life is the revelation of the natural world through reason and that our morality and values are an evolutionary response to exist as a species. Our morality is separate from us. They were never ours to evolve but gifts given us to nurture. Our meaning and value are held to the bosom of one who our reason cannot encompass because I believe the Universe is not bound by that reason but by His love.

Call me a superstitious fool or an ideological idiot but I will cast my lot on Pascal’s wager and build my home on the blueprints of Thomistic Design because I cannot look into the eyes of those I cherish and see behind those eyes a soulless collection of tissue and neurotransmitters whose contributions, no matter how great, will endure no longer than the existence of the earth in which they will ultimately be buried.

Why am I telling you this? Because on a warm July Saturday afternoon in 1998 I knelt before that One and promised Him I would love one and only one woman for my life on this Earth, till death do us part, but it was much more. Like I said I have always believed we will live forever. I don’t know where that will be for each of us and I guess we make that choice here on Earth but I know and He knows that wherever I am I will be in love with her for life…forever.

Happy Anniversary to my sweetie pie, my lobster, my wife…Kathy.

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