I can’t wait for Football.

I can’t wait for football.

I played on teams all my sports life. I never was much of an individual sports guy. I hate tennis. I am not much of a bowler, if you consider that a sport at all. I would be a good golfer if my long, middle and short games were any good and if I actually enjoyed spending three hours on a golf course. No, a team is where I draw my strength and most joy.

I loved having my boys by my side fighting for one cause. Don’t get me wrong, I did not like all of my teammates but when we strapped it up or gloved up, we were one and in no way was I going to let any of them down. We were part of something bigger than us and it did not matter the color or creed of each individual, we would fight side by side for that goal. We all had our individual roles and our success as an individual was dictated by our effort and skill, for the most part. With that said it made no sense to hate or be resentful of our role or other’s role, because we would only be hurting ourselves. We had to be one or we would fail at everything.

When you are fighting for something and you fall to the ground only to feel the hands of your teammates pulling you up is a feeling of security and strength, I cannot explain to anyone. You feel there is nothing that cannot be accomplished because you were not alone. It’s an awesome feeling.

I taught my boys the same concept. It was about the team and we had to make sacrifices for the better of this group because that is how you achieve your goal, that is how you achieve harmony. It was not a concept that can be dictated. It must be adopted and embraced, individually. Once we all did that, the team could do anything, and we all benefited in the success. When it was over, success or failure, heartbreak or joy, we knew as a team we were unbreakable, and we would be bound by our efforts. I loved those guys then and I still love them today. I will still reach down and pick them up because we are forever teammates.

There are those who never played on a team where sacrifices made a difference. They don’t understand the strength that can be drawn from a group of people who believe they are one. There are those who have played on teams but never understood that the concept goes beyond the game. If we all embraced the team then we would know the individual and love them as our teammate. We would sacrifice for them. Nothing could break us, and we would fight for each other.

I can’t wait for football.

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