Great Leader – Jared Lucero

A great leader is someone who guides and helps everyone. It can be a parent or it can be a friend. What we don’t realize is a leader can be someone who comes into your life for a season, but leaves a big impact for a reason. Regardless of what we think about them, they will impact our future. That’s exactly what I saw when I met Coach Brandon.

When I was seven, I joined the Wildcats football team. It was the first day of practice and the stale grass fields of my school were hot and dry. I walked on the field and I saw coach Brandon, the head coach, standing like a soldier ready for battle. I felt his authoritative presence as I walked on the field and shortly after we began the practice. With guidance, Coach Brandon taught us the warm up drills, correcting our mistakes as we performed each exercise. After the drills we were extremely tired, but coach kept us moving, studying and fixing our faults. Following a water break, we began to scrimmage one another. This gave coach a chance to help instruct kids, individually, on technique. I remember thinking, “ When will this be over” and “I don’t know if I can get through this” but coach, with belief in his voice, kept encouraging us. He made us believe in ourselves. When practice was over, I knew my coach was a true leader.

When the season was over I had improved greatly, becoming one of the best players on the team. Now when I look back on my season, I realize how much Coach Brandon taught me. He guided me through a time when I was unsure of my skill and helped me become a tremendous player. Thanks to Coach Brandon’s leadership, our team ended up winning the championship. What I didn’t realize then, was he taught me much more than football, he taught me how to be a leader.

Leaders don’t just teach us new things or guide us, they help shape us to become better people. They help us find who we really are and who we will become. That’s what makes a true, great leader.

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