My ode to the 7th grade -Jared Lucero

I’ve made lots of friends this year, and still have many old ones. We all learned a bunch this year, I feel as if my brain is too big for my head. That’s what 7 hours at school and more at home doing homework will do for you. Although my year has been jam packed with school work and sports, I managed to have some great times: bacon pancakes, wasp on STAAR day, Commander Torr, Gerard, and many more. There was laughter, tears, fighting, listening to Jonathan and Zach argue in Aps class, and big crowds of kids yelling and having a great time on the way to Shakes. Even though this year was really tough, I’m glad that I went through it. It was a time where everyone was changing from a child to a teenager, with the exception of few who still can’t grow up. Thus comes the end of seventh grade, I had many great times and learned a bunch. I couldn’t have had any of these memories without my friends and the most awesome teachers ever. When summer comes, we will all forget half these memories and try to forget about school. I can’t wait till eighth grade when the memories come back like waves on a beach, but we will leave the bad ones to be washed away, and start a new beginning.

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