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Role models are people that stand out from the rest. A role model can be anyone, from a movie star to your mom. They inspire us to be the best we can be. We have role models because it helps develop us as adults, provides as a guideline in which you want to become, and gives us the drive to be a better person. My role model provides the best ethics and personality that inspire me to be my best. My role model is Jesus.

My role model is Jesus because he is forgiving, humble, and selfless. He died for our sins, to save us, which is ultimate selflessness. We killed him, and yet he still forgives us. We sin every day, and he is so humble and forgiving to us that if we ask him to forgive us, he does with no questions. These are of many great things Jesus did and does for us, and it inspires me everyday to be more like him.


When I look back at what Jesus has done for me, i realize that we are very lucky to have someone so humble, forgiving, and selfless looking over us. It is my goal to have the same ethics as him, but I will never be him. If keep striving to achieve his ethics, i believe it will make me a better person and help me become a great and honorable man. I can’t think of a better person to call my role model than Jesus.

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