My Lobster


I met her at a place called Moose McGillycuddy’s in Long Beach, California while she was attending USC for her Dental Hygiene degree. I was attending Cal State for my CIS degree at the time. I asked her to dance and she said she was waiting for a friend…while she sat with four of her friends. I am not one to subject myself to multiple instances of rejection, especially after that thin veiled excuse to show disinterest, but this one night I went against my better judgment and asked her to dance again. She said yes and 3 years later we were married.

She amazes me. She works hard and she loves life. Whatever she sets out to do she accomplishes it without failure. I have seen her take on multiple roles as mother, dental professional and wife all with that most beautiful smile on her face. The scrapbook of my life includes many snapshots of that smile and it brings me joy.

I have seen my wife, on more than one occasion, jump into action to aid a person in distress. It was like Superman donning his cape. She went from being the light hearted joking woman I know to first responder in seconds. I am constantly discovering new traits she possesses. I believe she can do anything.

She is the perfect mother for our two boys. She loves them dearly and dotes over them to a fault. They are her joy and it shows in her love for them.

She is my wife, she is beautiful, considerate, and intelligent and I am just lucky to be part of her world.

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